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Ananta Thai Food Van | Thai Street Food (ThaiFoodVan.com)

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Ananta Thai Food Van Menu


  • Chicken satay….£5.00
  • Prawn on toast….£5.00
  • Thai spring rolls….£5.00
  • Buns:

  • Roast duck with salad and hoisin sauce in a bun….£3.50
  • Chicken satay with salad and peanuts sauce in a bun….£3.50
  • Roast BBQ pork with salad in a bun….£3.50
  • Portobello mushroom with salad in a bun….£3.50
  • Any three buns….£10.00
  • Extras: fresh chilli | ananta spicy sauce
  • Mains:

  • Thai curry with rice….£6.95
  • Chicken Pad Thai….£6.95
  • Pad Thai with mushroom….£6.95
  • Red BBQ pork with wonton noodles….£6.95
  • Portobello mushroom with wonton noodles….£6.95